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How Sinkholes Are Formed

And What You Need To Look For!

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it's important to take note of these signs if you see a sudden escalation in damage
Hayward Baker will restore your landscaping to its original condition after a sinkhole repair
Visible depression
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Nails popping
Windows & doors
Interior & exterior
cracking in walls & tile
how sinkholes form
  1. Subsurface conditions in central Florida typically consist of 20 to 100 feet of sands separated from the underlying calcareous limestone formation by a clay layer of variable thickness. Over time, solution cavities can be formed in the limestone by water percolating through the soluble rock.

  2. The erosion process continues and the size of the cavity increases. Eventually, the cavity may be breached and overlying soils begin to ravel downward into the cavity, similar to sand through an hour glass. As raveling continues, the sand zone above becomes very loose and increases in size until its roof is no longer stable.

  3. The upper soils collapse into the cavity, creating the characteristic surface depression. Property within the area of the sinkhole activity can sustain considerable damage.

corporate case studies
florida case studies
  • Fuel Storage Tanks, Port Everglades

    Eleven new 60-foot-tall fuel storage tanks, with diameters of 125 feet and 100 feet

  • Waste Water Treatment Plant, West Palm Beach

    Hayward Baker performed a chemical grouting program to permeate the #57 stone and granular soils

florida sinkhole repair
Hayward Baker is the leading geotechnical contractor in North America with over 60 years of experience. Over 25 years ago, we pioneered the use of compaction grouting to stabilize Florida sinkholes. Our Residential Division specializes in the stabilization of single and multi-family homes in Florida that are affected by sinkhole activity. As a member of the Hayward Baker family, the Residential Division brings to Florida homeowners industry leading expertise and the latest technology available helping to ensure the highest quality repair and customer service in the industry. Hayward Baker's fundamental understanding of both geotechnical issues and the importance of excellent customer service is why thousands of Florida homeowners have chosen Hayward Baker to stabilize their homes.

How Hayward Baker Repairs Sinkholes

  1. Special support for settling homes

  2. Sinkhole stabilization

  3. Compaction Grouting

  4. Chemical

  5. Underpinning

Is underpinning or chemical group necessary for my home?

Does my home retain its value after a sinkhole repair?